Interior Design TV Show


"Housing Question" Interior TV Show

Location: Moscow, Russia

"Housing Question" - a program about everything that is connected with the home and the creation of comfortable and attractive interior. Famous designers and decorators transform not very cozy interiors are stylish and comfortable, or simply create a new living environment.

Choose materials, decoration or a new technique? Our team of experts will try to expertly and efficiently answer all of your questions. The answer you will find on our website.

During the program, the team "Housing Question" together with renowned designers, decorators and architects are satisfied with the conversion of conventional rooms in a stylish and comfortable.

The new interior - always a surprise for the owners of the apartment

The designer has complete freedom of creative expression. Audience see the entire process of creating the interior, and the owners - only the result, and their emotional response - is the culmination of the program.

Heroes selection principle is simple: the audience sent a letter with photos and stories about themselves and their designer finds. Editors choose the most interesting from a huge number of letters. This is followed by a telephone conversation, and after - survey on consumer camcorder. Benefits are people who have already tried to do something original in his own house. In addition, the future heroes of the program must be interesting and open people.

In short, this program is for those who are willing to bravely take up the mess of the old tables to the new table. For those who believe that it is not too difficult to make a difference!


Saengo team was asked to create a website for the "Housinq Question" TV show. They provided Web page designs approved by the local authorities employees, as well as the website’s functional requirements.

  • Website development using Drupal 7 CMF
  • Menu items output with Views&Tabs
  • Dynamic Photo gallery
  • Testimonials section
  • Team page
  • Blog with news
  • Additional custom features


Saengo development team used CMS Drupal 7 and built backend and frontend parts for this project. Photoshop mockups were created and approved, all programming and customization was performed by our team.

These project included:

  • CMS Drupal 7, PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, Semantic Code, Valid Coding
  • Bootstrap Responsive framework, Cross Browser Compatibility, Mobile Friendly. Adapting the website for a responsive design, to ensure the best possible user experience, regardless of device
  • Logical and easy site architecture using a variety of Content Types and custom Fields for different site sections: menu, blog, photo gallery, customer reviews
  • Animated Tabs System using Views and custom Panels
  • Image Scrolling Parallax Effect with jQuery
  • A Dynamic Photo Gallery
  • Blog With News, Photo&Video
  • Custom webforms for website visitors
  • Social options and API implementation: VKontakte, Facebook

Saengo talented Drupal developers and designers proved their efficiency and adaptability once again, and succeeded in creating an online website in a relatively short period of time.



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We had a wonderful TV show, but we didn't have a own place on the Internet, where we would be able to communicate with our audience. It is worth noting that we were in a difficult situation, because no one in our company did not have any knowledge in the field of web projects.

But when we first interviewed Saengo team, then immediately we realized that these guys will be easy to work with. Saengo manager helped us create a site plan and future functionality, as soon as I told my thoughts about the project.

Once the site was ready, we were very happy with the result, but an even bigger surprise waiting for us then, when we received a lot of feedback from our users and applications for filming TV shows.

It was an amazing experience! I want to thank Saengo company for the nice service and attention to details.


- Katya Nielsen, CEO "HouseDesign" LLC