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"IntiMates is a FREE app for better communication, relationships & sex for singles, couples & families. IntiMates is a game ... but it’s an important game that offers more than fun - it affects our lives and the lives of the people we care about."

Intimates is for:

People who want to meet other people, including strangers. Starting a conversation with someone new is often difficult and awkward. Obviously, there’s something about that person that interests someone, so it’s always very personal; and because it’s so personal, can be a little awkward. IntiMates gives each person something interesting and non-threatening to talk about, to use as an ice-breaker and start conversations that can open the door to a more personal conversation and a later rendezvous.

New couples. Whether you’re newly married or just dating, there is so much to learn about each other and some things are sensitive to ask or discuss, and others might be considered rude to ask because we tend to think people have a hidden agenda in asking some things so our defenses go up. When IntiMates asks a question, it doesn’t come from the players, so it’s more casual and the people are less defensive. That does not mean that questions – or the answers – are not personal and sensitive. IntiMates is intended to be fun, so it’s still important to not cross the line of inquisitive to offensive.

Long time couples. You might think that couples who have been together for a long time have nothing to talk about. That’s the problem. Sometimes, it’s hard to start a conversation. Even more, things that you knew about your partner – his or her thoughts, feelings and beliefs – may have changed dramatically over the years. IntiMates can help revive those interesting conversations and refresh your perspective of someone who has been such a major part of your life.

Professionals and clients. Marriage counselors, psychologists, and sex therapists – they all focus on communication as the route to address, if not resolve, so many of our relationship issues. IntiMates can be a useful tool – as homework, you might say – to advance and reinforce the progress made while with the professional.


The client’s main product is an application for smartphones called the Intimates. It is built using new idea for social game that improves love&relationships.

Saengo team was asked to develop an admin panel for website to manage the questions created by users in the Editor and to add some additional meta functions.

Some of the main functions of the admin panel were:

  • Sign-in
  • Sign-up
  • User roles
  • Content creation
  • Explore option
  • Various custom filters
  • Purchases section

The idea was for the communication between our application and the client-side backend to be carried out via the backend’s REST API. However, this API was not fully described and we had to create a descriptive document with an exact analysis of the REST methods required for the individual development steps.

The client intended to split the software development process into several milestones.


Saengo development team used Laravel framework and built backend and frontend parts for this project.

Initially, on the client’s request the development process was divided into 3 milestones.

In the first phase, the HTML/CSS code and service aspects of the project were developed. This was chosen as the first step because this work did not depend on the API. We used mock storage solutions in order to give the client the chance to judge the look and feel of our interactive designs.

After the first milestone was reached, we had gathered enough information to compose a document on the required REST API. It was important to do so in a precise and transparent way, because the backend is developed by the client, and the REST methods had to be implemented on their side.

The second milestone was primarily concerned with API-related issues. After the REST specifications were confirmed, we implemented a prototype model that was later used for the communication between the REST API and the web part. SSL Certificates were implemented. This made it easier to build the live deployment solution later on.

The third milestone was to design the user interface for users logged in to the system, which in turn brought about changes in the general design. In addition, a couple of new functions had to be implemented. The software solution developed by Saengo supports a great number of web browsers, i.e. Internet Explorer 9 and 10, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari (for iPad). The design was prepared to be adaptable for Retina displays in the future. A number of UI elements were created as jQuery plug-ins, which means that they can be re-used easily.

These project included:

  • Laravel framework, HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, Semantic Code, Valid Coding
  • Crossbrowser Compatibility, Responsive Grid System
  • Custom webforms for users, moderators and administrator
  • Various custom content filters



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of people have already found a mate

Working with Saengo is like having a development team right in the next room. The team is incredibly responsive and reliable. They are creative and go above and beyond in offering options and solutions to meet our specifications. Saengo team provided expert knowledge and delivered a solid first generation Web-application that serves a mission critical database for our project.

- Charlotte Anderson, Production & Editorial Manager