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"People's Law Daily" is an online news magazine

Location: US

Peoples Law Daily delivers to your smart phone and desktop every day legal developments and articles in short and very simple terms.

People's Law Daily provides qualified legal services for organizations and private clients, the result of our work was the long experience of legal support business and protect the legitimate rights of individuals.

It is designed with informing people from all walks of life about law, people's rights and procedures at a time when they need it most or just want to stay informed on an area of law that most interests them.


Peoples Law Daily LLC contracted Saengo to create a new light and modern version of website for its company. They provided Web page designs approved by the local authorities employees, as well as the website’s functional requirements.

A few requirements for this project:

  • User sign page will have Drupal 8 core plugin same theme feelings as template and it will also have Facebook and Google+ login screen at the same. In another words: login page will have following options: Facebook login, Google+ login and THIS site login. User can chose. Facebook and Google+ login will be plug able to Drupal user portal. Role will be chosen and will have flexibility as group.
  • Search icon : onclick it will be exand as box so user and search term and plug into drupal seach module and search page will have same same display as sidebar layout ( thumbnail and title). Roadmap: apache solr.
  • Social plugin ( facebook share etc) for every article regardless of any layout ( teaser, seach, full mode)
  • On desktop: main article landing page will have same layout as front page consist of right side bar which will show article from same topic (taxonomy)
  • After comment section, same ( taxonomy term) news article will show up as front page which include advertisement block and infinite scroll.
  • User will be able to like the page to facebook and share the page to facebook and other network
  • On mobile: main article landing page will show the right side bar at end of the article ( after comment)
  • Floating social sharing icon at the bottom of the screen, this will disappear when user scroll down more to see more articles but will show up when user scroll back
  • All articles in tease mode will have social sharing animation icon on bottom right side of the row


Saengo development team used CMS Drupal 8 and built backend and frontend parts for this project. Photoshop mockups were created and approved, all programming and customization was performed by our team.

These project included:

  • Drupal 8.1 with 20+ modules, PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, Semantic Code, Valid Coding
  • Various usage of views (30+). Replacing taxonomy pages and user pages with views. View-in-view implementation. Custom blocks inside views.
  • Infinite scroll on almost all pages
  • Social Networks: Likes, Shares, Comments in facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, mail, sms and more. Using in any display type (full content, teaser, view)
  • Search autocomplete
  • Google and Facebook login
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Sitemap
  • Bootstrap 3.3
  • Responsive design with 5 media query breakpoints. Custom mobile menu 100+ template files overrides (including 50+ views templates). Hooks, preprocesses, suggestions alters of pages, forms and other elements using custom theme functions
  • Fixed header and sidebar with custom conditions
  • 'lazyload' for asynchronous and conditional image loading
  • Google cloud setup and configuration



Developers worked on this project


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We needed to implement a very complex functionalities on our news portal and we were looking for an expert on Drupal 8. When we inquired about Saengo team clearly demonstrated that they understood the complexity and demonstrated a proof of concept to prove his abilities. In good faith, we welcomed Saengo developers to our team and we were impressed by their technical skills. Saengo not only an expert on Drupal 8 but also an experts as a full-stack developers. I would like to thank Saengo team for the hard work and dedication to our project.

- Business Development Manager at PLD