Poster - desktop software for Drupal CMS


Poster - desktop software for Drupal CMS

Location: WorldWide

Poster - software for quickly creating websites via Drupal CMS

The main idea Poster software is help you to quickly publish content in websites powered by Drupal CMS.

Poster supports CMS Drupal 6 & Drupal 7

The advantages of the program include the following:

  • Content types Support;
  • Taxonomy Management;
  • Custom Fields Options;
  • Datetime Settings and Time Zone;
  • Delayed Content Publication;
  • Multi-project Userinterface;
  • Quick Multithreading Architecture;
  • and many others tips.


The idea was for the communication between our desktop application "Poster" and the Drupal CMS via the backend’s XML-RPC protocol. However, this protocol was not fully described and we had to analys of the functions and methods required for the individual development steps.

Desktop application should contain next options:

  • Publishing various content in the websites powered by CMS Drupal 6 & Drupal 7 (via protocol xml-rpc);
  • Multi-project interface. Content publication simultaneously on multiple sites;
  • Multithreading architecture. Content publication using the multi-threading option;
  • Content types support. User can use any default or custom Content type from his website;
  • Taxonomy Management. The ability to create categories directly from the program, as well as select already existing dictionary from your website;
  • Fields support. Ability Upload to nodes the images, videos, any other file types;
  • Datetime Settings and Time Zone. You can set any custom datetime and timezones for your publications;
  • Delayed publication of materials. Let your site publish content himself every time when Drupal run cron.

Working with the engine going through the protocol XML-RPC, activation of which you will need to install the Drupal services module.


Saengo development team used Delphi 8 for desktop software development and Drupal 6 plus Drupal 7 for website development for this project.

All programming and customization, architecture and user interface was performed by our team.

These project included:

  • Delphi 8
  • CMS Drupal 6, CMS Drupal 7, PHP, CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, Semantic Code, Valid Coding
  • All development process of Poster software as main product of this project
  • Two additional desktop applications(HTML Maker and Image Parser) aimed at the effective interaction with Poster
  • Development of Poster website with the technical documentation and user manuals

5 reasons why Poster can be useful to you

How much time do you spend on manual publication 100 articles with images? Half an hour, an hour or more?

Poster will create categories and publish this number of articles in 60 seconds, all you need is to give it content.

Do you want to publish the news once to the ten sites? - No problem.

With Poster multi-project manager you can publish content in all your websites at the same time.

Tired to update website every day and have lot of the material?

Use the Scheduler function for delayed content publication.

Your website will publish the latest news every day when Drupal run cron, you need only 1 time to post all content via Poster.

You want to start a new project, but do not know where to start? You need to quickly create a website but do not have the necessary skills?

No problem, using Poster you can create a beautiful and tidy site on the basis of ready-made templates.

You are only required to adhere to our instructions step by step creation of a site.

You do not need to know html or php, make a website using this technology, everyone can.

There is no need to buy an additional websites to promote your main project, because you can make them yourself!

Save your budget several times and get an unlimited number of links for you websites with Poster.



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This project will help many people save their precious time, dedicating all the routine work (such as the creation of categories, publishing content, meta tags, etc.) to the "Poster" software.

Using the xml-rpc protocol we have remote control Drupal framework and automate all processes related to the content publishing to your website.

"Poster" software package greatly simplifies the content creation on websites and works with sites having a lot of content, sush as news sites or webshops.

- Alexander S., CEO at Saengo