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Innovation is what drives business, so that is where our approach to web design and development starts. To achieve even better quality of our website templates, we turn to innovative technologies, do research to foster best practices, participate and engage in trend analysis, have discussions about the future of web technologies, and balance these initiatives with customer needs. We think forward to make website templates that exemplify the best combination of outstanding qualities. You take advantage of this getting an excellent product.

We give you an affordable template, optimized for SEO and speed performance, and it offers you a vantage of controlling the content, look and functionality of your website. That means you can edit most of it on your own.


For 8 years of work with Drupal CMS Saengo team developed over 500+ templates for Drupal 6, Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. So we decided to run a project where everybody can download favorite Drupal theme.

In catalog you can find many beautiful and high quality Drupal themes for your site.

The range of designs is very broad and includes a wide variety of subjects:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Business and Finance
  • Construction and architecture
  • Real Estate
  • Travel
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture and accessories
  • Cars and motorcycles
  • Children
  • Mobile Phones
  • Sport
  • Animals
  • Food and Cooking
  • Medicine and Health
  • Music


Saengo development team used CMS Drupal 7 and built backend and frontend parts for this project. Photoshop mockups were created and approved, all programming and customization was performed by our team.

These project included:

  • CMS Drupal 7, PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, Semantic Code, Valid Coding
  • Bootstrap Responsive framework, Cross Browser Compatibility, Mobile Friendly. Adapting the website for a responsive design, to ensure the best possible user experience, regardless of device
  • Animated Tabs System using Views and custom Panels
  • Image Scrolling Parallax Effect with jQuery
  • A Dynamic Photo Gallery
  • Blog With News, Photo&Video
  • Custom webforms for website visitors
  • Social options

Saengo talented Drupal developers and designers proved their efficiency and adaptability once again, and succeeded in creating an online website in a relatively short period of time.



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The internet is full of web design inspiration if you're learning how to start your a blog or website. There's also a number of web themes available for different content management systmes, including Drupal.

There are nearly one million sites in more than 180 languages currently using the Drupal CMS. That might not be as many as WordPress, but with a massive online community with more than 26,000 developers constantly building and offering themes and resources, it's safe to assume that Drupal is a viable alternative for building your website on an open source CMS platform.